6 Möglichkeiten: Geschenke einfach schön verpacken

6 options: Simply wrap gifts beautifully

There are great options and techniques for gift wrapping.

In addition to traditional wrapping paper, gift bags or baskets are now often used because they are reusable.

Here I'll show you 6 ways to wrap gifts.

  1. classic wrapping paper 
  2. foil
  3. Gift bag
  4. Gift box
  5. basket 
  6. Fabric gift towels 

1. The classic wrapping paper

Gifts wrapped in brown natural wrapping paper
The absolute classic is probably wrapping paper.
It comes in thousands of colors and patterns and is particularly good for use on square objects. With round objects such as a ball, the whole thing becomes a little more difficult.
If the wrapping paper opens neatly, it can be easily reused.
Instead of traditional wrapping paper, I also like to use tissue paper for smaller gifts. It's a little thinner, but easy to work with.

2. Transparent film

Cookies in a transparent bag
Not quite as sustainable, but probably the best option for food. Homemade cookies can be beautifully packaged and handed over.
Foil is the best solution, especially for gifts that need to be immediately visible. E.g. a large feeding basket so that nothing can fall out, the basket can be wrapped in foil.
In most cases, the film can be reused again.

3. Gift bag

Gift bag as sustainable gift packaging
A gift bag is a nice idea if you want to give away several small things, for example. So you can simply put everything in the bag and close it.

4. Gift box

Gift box as pretty gift packaging
A pretty gift box goes a long way. It can be personalized from the outside and filled with filling material from the inside.
A gift box is great for a wedding gift, for example.
The gift box can be used later to store photos or can of course be given away again.

5. Gift basket

Gift basket as gift packaging
A gift basket is a great option for giving away, for example a sweet spa wellness set or a delicious food basket.
The basket can be given away later or used for storage. So it is also very sustainable.

6. Gift towel as ecological gift packaging

Gift towel as ecological gift packaging

A great new trend is gift towels. These are available in many different colors and sizes. With beautiful patterns or classic monochrome. 

The cloths adapt to any shape and no additional adhesive or gift tape is required.

Depending on the size, the cloths are priced at around €7 - €20 on Etsy. 

Since they are reusable, they can be easily washed and ironed and are therefore ready to be used again and again. This means less waste is produced.

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What is your favorite gift wrap? Let us know in the comments!

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